After cutting his teeth as an international DJ & Producer in the nascent UK Breaks scene born out of the end of the Big Beat era, Lex has carved himself a path in the music industry that has now led to him being a well-respected Composer and Sound Designer as well as being the driving force and Manager of Grammy winning mastering studio – Stardelta Audio Mastering.

After being asked to produce an artist album for the legendary Big Beat producer Deadly Avenger, the pair hit it off musically and after their first ever effort together ‘Hunted’ was licensed to the full Theatrical trailer of ‘Men In Black 3’ they were asked to write their first full album specifically for Trailer/TV – ‘Fractured’

They went on to write two more successful albums together under the Deadly Avenger moniker (as well many other library album projects) with the album ‘Splinter’ and its associated EP being heavily licensed.

Lex has since gone on to produce not only his own solo Trailer music and Sound Design, releasing on multiple albums for the likes of ‘Hi-Finesse Music & Sound’ and ‘Colossal Trailer Music’ but also working as a Producer and Mix Engineer for other artists and companies.

Along with his other personal project ‘Kalahara’ he has recently started working with the incredible composer and arranger Joe Duddell on both commissioned pieces for Advert and TV as well their new electronica/neo-classical project together ‘Drift Chamber’ to be released to the industry and public very soon!