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Drift Chamber

In February 2019 Drift Chamber will release their debut Pulse Nocturnes

It is the result of a collaboration between producer/sound designer Lex Shellard and composer/arranger Joe Duddell & who met in Devon.

The aim was to produce short pieces (or miniatures) with one or two music ideas or techniques that didn’t outstay their welcome. The album title comes from the presence of subtle pulse throughout and that the music seems to work better in the still of the night.

They have already performed live for BBC Radio 3 Late Junction’s Exposure series and twice at Festival No.6 to great critical acclaim.

The project will also be collaborating with young filmmakers and these commissions will be seen for the first time at the launch event in February.


All music by Joe Duddell & Lex Shellard

Piano, keyboards, guitar, programming by Joe Duddell & Lex Shellard
Violin & Viola by Emma Welton
Cello by Annabel Rooney

Mixed by Lex Shellard
Produced by Joe Duddell & Lex Shellard
Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Audio Mastering